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 Mocha-Bear's vids and mixes!

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PostSubject: Mocha-Bear's vids and mixes!   Tue May 29, 2012 10:27 pm

Posting some playlists and eventually some videos (hopefully)!

Fanmixes are coming right up Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Mocha-Bear's vids and mixes!   Tue May 29, 2012 10:28 pm

I have 2 playlists I put together, one is for the group and the other focuses on Razer and Aya.

- Cover art, download links, & track lists.

A Fine Frenzy - Stood Up
Blame a change of mind
A seismic shift in times
They told us not to fight
But we’ll fight it till we die

The Panics - Don’t Fight It
I left my heart in places
Forgot every one of their faces
And tried to navigate a broken path
Of which I may have helped create

Andrew Belle - Open Your Eyes
Open your life now
I’ll try to be all that you need me to be
She’ll be a star now
I will follow her lead

Mumford and Sons - Thistle and Weeds
But plant your hope with good seeds,
Don’t cover yourself with thistle and weeds,
Rain down, rain down on me.

Gotye - Eyes Wide Open
Some people offered up answers
We made out like we heard
They were only words
They didn’t add up
To a change in the way we were living
And the saddest thing
Is all of it could have been avoided

Shockwave Sound - Call To Heroes

The Glitch Mob - 7 Nation Army Remix [The White Stripes]
I’m gonna fight ‘em off
A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back

Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

David Guetta - Titanium [Ft. Sia]
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won’t fall
I am titanium

Groove Addicts - Mercury

Imogen Heap - Lifeline
Adventures in the multiverse
Effervescent candlelit closeness
Plus, I feel like I’ve just got the hang of this living thing

Stars - Warpaint
Oh wonderful one why are you like that
Glow in the darkness that’s how we do it

Vast - Touched
I looked into your eyes and saw
a world that does not exist
I looked into your eyes and saw
a world I wish I was in

OneRepublic - Mercy
I’m so lost in you
A tragedy seemed to be over now
A tragedy it seemed to be

Rebecca St. James - Lion
That’s what I call you
I’m curious about you
I’m scared and not sure that you are safe
But your eyes seem to say that you are good

Sia - Lullaby
Send a hope upon a wave
A dying wish before the grave
Send a hope upon a wave
For all the souls you failed to save

Muse - Undisclosed Desires
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty’s not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

Lea Luna - Hearts Under Fire [Havocndeed Remix]
Run for cover we are
Hearts under fire and we’re
Going under if we can’t be at peace
Hold the trigger we are
Hearts under fire are we
Hold our grudges
If we can’t just release

Katy Perry - E.T.
You’re so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil?
Could you be an angel?
Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating
Leaves my body glowing

Data Romance - Spark
But most of all
Most of all
Most of what’s left in me
Is a spark

The Hundred in The Hands - Killing It
Heartbreaks and lies
Eyes lock, paralyzed
I don’t know why
I don’t why
We were
Killing it
Into it,
Still I keep
Thinking it’s…

Thriving Ivory - Alien
Whoa, alien
You’ll be just fine
You’ve always been beautiful to me
Whoa, alien
Pay us no mind
We haven’t the light to hold to see

Tyler Ward - E.T.
You’re from a whole ‘nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I’m ready to go
Lead me into the light

Coldplay - X & Y
I’m diving off the deep end
You’ve become my best friend
I wanna love you
But I don’t know if I can

Marina and The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot
Can you teach me how to feel real?
Can you turn my power on?
Well, let the drum beat drop

Joshua Radin - When You Find Me [Ft. Maria Taylor]
My only weakness, is knowing your secrets
and holding them close, and hold them tight
I know the way to silently make you
smile with my eyes, when you’re trying to fight
Can’t you see that when I find you, I’ll find me

OneRepublic - Come Home [Ft. Sara Bareilles]
There’s someone I’ve been missing
I think that they could be
The better half of me

Credit to [X] and [X] for the screen shots.
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Posts : 26
Join date : 2012-05-29
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Mocha-Bear's vids and mixes!   Wed May 30, 2012 10:02 pm

Finished this one actually shockingly quick. I was on a strange roll.
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PostSubject: Re: Mocha-Bear's vids and mixes!   

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Mocha-Bear's vids and mixes!
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